Sambucus canadensis
Bundle of 25
12-18″ Seedling


Elderberry has a fast growth rate, reaching heights of 10—12 ft. with a crown spread of 10 ft. Elderberry is adaptable, produces suckers, and prefers a slightly acidic loamy soil, but will grow in other soils. It favors moist lowlands, but will grow in dryer sites and is somewhat drought tolerant. It prefers full sun but will tolerate partial sun. Compound leaves turn yellow in the fall. 10” white flat-topped flower clusters appear late June—July. Small dark fruit appear in large clusters ripening in late summer, is aromatic and has a full-bodied flavor, making it desirable for wine-making, preserves, and pies. Other
uses include wildlife plantings and as a border plant.

Bundle of 25
12-18″ Seedling