In Our Community

Although the “niche” of soil and water conservation districts is providing technical and financial assistance to private landowners, we also provide assistance at the community level in many ways. Our office helps many local communities including Proctor and Hermantown with enforcing wetland regulations. In Duluth, we assist with erosion and sediment control inspections on construction sites. We also serve as the fiscal agent  for the Regional Stormwater Protection Team, a local body of communities that are required to report their activities and local controls relating to preventing pollution from stormwater runoff and other non point sources of pollution to the MN Pollution Control Agency under the National Permit Disposal Elimination System (NPDES) program. Finally, we provide support and assistance as requested to any community  that is trying to protect our local watersheds with letters of support for grant applications, participation in local groups and committees including the Minnesota Forestry Association and the Duluth Urban Watershed Advisory Committee and technical support and advice relating to stream restoration projects, stormwater BMP design and local land use decisions.

The South St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District has been serving Duluth, Floodwood, Meadowlands and other communities and landowners throughout southern St. Louis County for over 50 years and we expect to continue this service for another 50.