On Your Land

As part of our services to the citizens of Southern St. Louis County, you can call our office anytime and ask one of our staff to come visit your property and give you advice on various land stewardship issues like shoreline erosion, taking care of your woods, agricultural questions and stream ecology. We can do this with or without you present – if you are not available during office hours, we are happy to take a look at the problem and provide you with a written record of our observations and suggestions. There is no cost for this service – and if you decide to move forward with a water-quality project with our office, we are also able to provide technical assistance like project designs and other services, in cooperation with our engineering partners, Technical Service Area #3. We also offer this service on a larger scale under our forestry program.  Information on woodland stewardship programs can be found here:  https://www.southstlouisswcd.org/on-your-land/forestry-program/stewardship-plans/