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One Watershed, One Plan

Comprehensive Planning Process Begins – April, 2020
Minnesota has a long history of water management by local government. One Watershed, One Plan is rooted in this history and in work initiated by the Local Government Roundtable in 2011 which recommended that the local governments charged with water management responsibility should organize and develop focused implementation plans on watershed boundaries. The recommendation was followed by legislation that permits the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) to adopt methods to allow comprehensive plans, local water management plans, or watershed management plans to serve as substitutes for one another; or to be replaced with one comprehensive watershed management plan. This legislation, and the associated BWSR program, is referred to as One Watershed, One Plan. Further Legislation was passed in 2015, defining purposes and outlining additional structure for the program.

What is One Watershed, One Plan?
One Watershed, One Plan is a voluntary planning process that can be initiated by any local water planning authority. The program is coordinated by the MN Board of Water and Soil Resources and serves as a parallel program to the MN Pollution Control Agency’s 10-year major watershed assessment program (WRAPS) for watershed monitoring and assessment.  Planning for the watershed as a whole, instead of just in pieces, allows for policies and actions that are consistent from the headwaters of a river to its outlet, and also focuses planning efforts on actions that address the specific pollutants that threaten a particular watershed. Thanks to planning grants and other financial support from BWSR, there are now 27 complete or in-process one Watershed One Plans in Minnesota. The South St. Louis SWCD has chosen, along with our planning partners, to embark on a Watershed-level planning process for the St. Louis River. The Planning Partners initiated this process in 2018 and signed an Memorandum of Understanding to work together in the development of a Plan in March of 2020. A Planning grant for $314,600 was then awarded by BWSR to the fiscal agent, South St. Louis SWCD. This process is expected to take 20 months and the dedication and commitment of many partners and local groups interested in preparing a targeted, prioritized plan for protecting and restoring the St. Louis River Watershed with results (potential implementation actions) that can show measurable progress. The voluntary actions set forth in the Plan will likely be focused on smaller, regional planning areas within the larger watershed that have similar water quality challenges and  characteristics.

This process and the resulting plan will not result in additional regulation; the St. Louis River 1W1P will provide guidance only on how the entities in the watershed can work together to protect those parts of the St. Louis River Watershed that are meeting water quality standards, and work towards restoring those streams and lakes in the watershed that are not currently meeting standards. Please see the links below for more information.

One Watershed, One Plan Fact Sheet
Executed St. Louis River One Watershed, One Plan Planning Grant
St. Louis River NOI Letter One Watershed One Plan State Agencies

Who is Involved with the St. Louis River 1W1P
The St. Louis River 1W1P partners include St. Louis County, Carlton County, South St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District, North St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District, Carlton County Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. The effort will be led by the Steering Team made up of staff from these offices. Our Policy Committee, made up of elected officials from the County  Boards, SWCD Boards  and Fond du Lac Tribe, will approve the content of the plan, serve as a liaison to their representative governing entities and act on behalf of their constituents. An Advisory Committee will also be formed, to provide input to the Policy Committee.

Please see the links below for more information.
Memorandum of Understanding – Planning Partnership
1W1P Policy Committee Bylaws

What will come out of this effort?
Comprehensive water plans are required by Statute. Historically, not much funding has been specifically dedicated to implementing these plans, until now, thanks in part to the Land and Water Legacy Amendment. Once the plan is completed, with opportunity for public comment, and approval by the BWSR Board, the Planning Partnership will be eligible to receive funding to implement the actions set forth in the Plan. How this funding will be distributed will be decided later on in the Planning Process, but the Implementation Funding will allow those highest priority actions or projects identified in the Plan to happen, resulting in measurable progress in restoring the impaired waters and protecting the pristine waters, of this large planning area.

For more information on local water planning or the One Watershed One Plan program, please call Kate Kubiak at 218-723-4946 (ofc), 218-576-8068 (cell) or any members of the Planning Committee.

St. Louis River One Watershed, One Plan Contacts and Committees

1W1P Contacts and Committees

Request for Proposals
St. Louis River One Watershed, One Plan – Proposals Due July 10, 2020, 5:00 pm

1W1P Request for Proposals
1W1P Cost Proposal Spreadsheet (Excel version available by email request)
Q&A – Questions due July 5, 2020, 5:00 pm

Q & A:

  1. Is there a maximum file size for the proposal document?
    No, but the maximum size my email can accept is 15 MB. Feel free to send your proposal over several emails. I will send receipt of each one so you know that I received it.
  2. The RFP includes modeling using GIS-based habitat evaluation models. Does the Planning Partnership have a specific habitat model in mind that should be used? Are there particular species that should be focused on for habitat modeling work?
    No. The consultant should decide which models will provide the best results for this planning area. The Planning Partnership  has not identified any specific species that should be the focus of habitat modeling work. However, brook and brown trout should receive special attention for recommended implementation actions in the Duluth Urban/Superior Streams proposed sub-planning area, as it contains several designated trout streams.
  3. Will the consultant have the opportunity to participate in planning or attending the public kick-off meetings?
    At the time of the RFP release, planning the kick off meetings was to be completed by the Planning Partnership. However,  consultant participation in the planning and implementation of the kick-off events is open for negotiation. Please provide information about the consultants’ role in the kick-off meetings in the narrative, if desired.  Please note that at the time of the RFP release, the Planning Partnership was planning for two kick-off events, one in the northern and one in the southern part of the planning area. Please also note that these events may have to be held virtually.
  4. What models (hydrologic and hydraulic, water quality or habitat) already exist in this planning area that may be useful in supporting this planning process?
    The MPCA has completed Hydrological Simulation Program – FORTRAN (HSPF) models for the entire planning area. The data is current, within the last 10 years. You can contact Tom Estabrooks at us for more information. The Fond du Lac Band has also completed some modeling for the waters under their jurisdiction. There may be other modeling data applicable to the planning area, particularly with the DNR. That data will need to be discovered by the consultant as part of the plan development process.

St. Louis River 1W1P Story Map

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Policy Committee

Due to COVID distancing protocol, the August 20, 2020 meeting will be held remotely at 9:00 a.m.  Online:  Phone: +1 352-608-0081  PIN: ‪163 479 147#

Policy Committee Agenda – August 20, 2020

Policy Committee Agenda – June 29, 2020
Policy Committee Minutes – June 29, 2020

Policy Committee Agenda – March 9, 2020
Policy Committee Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2020

Advisory Committee
Coming Soon

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