Conservation Outreach

Civic engagement, outreach, and information-sharing about implementing good land management practices and protecting and restoring local lakes and streams is part of most soil and water conservation districts’ missions, including ours. Many new and long-term landowners want to be good stewards of their land, but simply don’t know how. This knowledge does not always come naturally!

Over half of Minnesota’s land ownership is in private hands, so private landowners play a critical role in preserving all of the benefits Minnesotans receive collectively from healthy forests, stable shorelines and preserved wetlands. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your property is to just leave it alone. Other times, there are invasive species that can be eradicated in order for native species to flourish; timber that needs to be harvested in order to capture its greatest value; or shoreline erosion that can be mitigated with some native plantings or other practice that can be professionally designed by our engineering partners.

We reach out and respond to curious and concerned landowners, student groups and civic organizations with informational presentations, technical advice and some limited financial support. Call our office anytime to request a property visit, a presentation, or more information on a topic that is of special interest to you and your land. And if we don’t have the information you need, we can get in touch with someone who does.