Red-Osier Dogwood


Cornus sericea
Bundle of 25
8-12″ Seedling

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Red-Osier Dogwood makes its most striking display in winter, when bright-red twigs contrast against sky and snow. This shrub has a moderately fast growth rate and can reach a height of 10 feet with a crown spread of up to 12 feet. Red-Osier is a broad erect grower that is a many stemmed, thicket-forming shrub seldom with a single trunk. It is tolerant of diverse soil types and withstands poorly drained soils, preferring wet sites. Red-Osier grows well in either full sun or shade but is not tolerant of hot droughty locations. Leaves are medium to dark green turning yellow-orange to purple-red in fall. Flat-topped clusters of small, 2—3 inch white flowers appear in late May or early June. Small white berry clusters mature  August to September and are readily eaten by birds. Uses include wildlife plantings, horticultural applications (hedge and shrub borders, attractive winter red stem colors), and soil stabilization.

Bundle of 25
8-12″ Seedling