Black Cherry


Prunus serotine
Bundle of 25
8-12″ Seedling


Black Cherry wood is a rich reddish-brown color and is strong, hard, and close-grained, making it one of the most valued cabinet and furniture woods in North America. Pitted fruits are edible and used by humans, but loved by songbirds, game birds, red fox, black bear, raccoon, opossum, squirrels, and rabbits. Includes profuse spring bloom of white flowers, attractive summer foliage and fall color. Black Cherry likes well-drained upland sites on sandy or loam soil, and is fairly drought resistant. Young trees tolerate shade, competing well under thin canopy of oak or aspen, and they grow fast, reaching 80 feet and living 200 years. Do not plant near power lines.

Bundle of 25
8-12″ Seedling