Bur Oak


Quercus macrocarpa
Bundle of 25
5-12″ 2-0 Seedling

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Bur Oak has a slow growth rate and can reach a height of 70 to 80+ ft, with a crown spread of 40—80 ft at maturity (200—300 years). It has a round to wide spreading form. It prefers moist, loamy, well- drained soils, but will tolerate a wide range of soils with wet or dry conditions. It is intermediately tolerant of shade and is very drought tolerant. It is tolerant to urban pollution and root disturbance, but requires considerable space. Bur Oak will begin producing edible acorns when it is 30—35 years old. Dark green leaves turn yellow, brown, or red in the fall. Do not plant near power lines.

Bundle of 25
5-12″ 2-0 Seedling

Bundle of 25