Choke Cherry


Prunus virginiana
Bundle of 25
8-12″ Seedling


Choke Cherry is typically a large, bushy shrub with multiple stems 7—16 feet tall. It can take the form of a small tree, reaching a height of 20—30 feet with a crown spread of 15—35 feet. Choke Cherry is short- lived and has an upright oval form. It prefers rich, loamy, moist, well-drained soil but will tolerate dryer conditions. Choke Cherry is shade intermediate and can tolerate drought. Choke Cherries produce long clusters of white flowers in spring. The small black fruit ripens in July—August and can be used for preserves. Other uses include wildlife plantings, fuel wood, and horticultural plantings. Do not plant near power lines.

Bundle of 25
8-12″ Seedling