Celtis occidentalis
Bundle of 25
6-12″ seedling


Hackberry  is a large, native shade tree which establishes easily and grows well in urban landscapes because of its wide soil adaptability and its tolerance of heat, drought, salt spray, wind, ice, and short-term flooding. It is related to the American elm and after the arrival of Dutch elm disease in Minnesota, hackberry often replaced American elms both in native forests and in planted landscapes.  The corky bark of hackberry provides year-round interest in landscapes. The fruit is a popular food for birds, including Cedar Waxwings, and small mammalian wildlife. Much of the fruit remains on the tree throughout winter until it is eaten by birds.  This tree is a moderate to fast grower and can reach 75 – 100 feet in height.  Fall leaves are typically yellow.

Bundle of 25
6-12″ Seedling