Juneberry (Serviceberry)


Amelanchier alnifolia
Bundle of 25
12-18″ Seedling


Juneberry is a thicket-forming (root sucker) shrub or tree that has a moderate growth rate reaching a height of up to 10 feet with a crown spread of 5—8 feet. The tree form is oval to irregular and the plant can be pruned into a single small tree. Juneberry prefers moist well-drained soil, full sun but tolerates partial shade. Leaves are a blue-green, turning yellow-orange to red-purple in fall. White showy flowers in early spring produce an edible bluish-purple fruit 1” in diameter that ripens in mid-summer. Uses include wildlife plantings, and horticultural applications including landscaping and borders.

Bundle of 25
12-18″ Seedling