Silver Maple


Acer saccharinum
Bundle of 25
6-16″ 2-0 Seedling


Silver Maple has a rapid growth rate and reaches maturity in 50 years with heights of 60 to 90+ ft., crown spread averaging 75 ft. It prefers moist, well-drained, coarse sandy loams to fine, sandy, or silty clays, but will grow in poor or wetter soils. It will grow well in partial shade but does best in full sun, is very resistant to drought conditions. Leaves are bright green above and silvery white underneath, turning yellow in fall. Small yellow to red flowers open in spring. Female trees release winged seeds in late spring. Because of its fast growth rate, it is used as a temporary tree in shelterbelts and as a shade tree. Do not plant near power lines.

Bundle of 25
6-16″ 2-0 Seedling